The Nimz, Zaheerabad

Construction of economic corridors is a result of Government’s MAKE IN INDIA initiative. The Chennai-Bengaluru-Chitradurga corridor(560Km) benefits the Telengana state along with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. NIMZ, Zaheerabad actively participates in this growth strategy with all its commendable features that signal for a huge economic rise in India. TSIIC has already taken possession of 3000 acres of land for phase 1. The state would like to promote itself in the several industrial clusters including the automobile sector which already has its curtain raised.

The physical infrastructure, skilled man power and superb connectivity all together make Zaheerabad one of the great places for manufacturing in India. The good manufacturing practices in sustainable mobility and energy storage space already has a huge investment, promoting Telengana as a lucrative zone for investment to some leading investors. The industrial manufacturing gears up to expand its horizon in the following sectors:

  • Electrical Machinery

  • Metals

  • Food Processing

  • Non-metallic Minerals

  • Automobiles

  • Machinery

  • Transport Equipment

The project has Industrial Zone and Residential Zone with all the common, industrial amenities and updated facilities. The Infrastructure Service and Facilities include Water Supply, Waste Management, Power Supply. The benefits of NIMZ Zaheerabad are vast and whistle for better life with raise in sectors like Education, Health, Foreign Investment, Local Business, Employment. The project would diversify the local and help evolving from unorganised to a more organised zone. The project is planned with mitigation measures to face the challenges of present-day environment crisis and others.

The details of NIMZ, Zaheerabad is in the Executive Summary. (Click here for PDF file of the Summary and the report)